Monday, August 18, 2014

Cafe Press shop from 2003!

This is still around & you can still buy some nice products with our logo on it!

I thought I'd mention this because Jim always makes the joke that you can even buy a thong with logo on it online and this where you'll find it!!

I might have some of these with me to give away, if you ask nicely, they are very small buttons with our logo on it.  This gives you an idea of our logo!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Moving Day

Moving off a big, bad web host to the freedom of the Google blog.

I will make more pages & a calendar here.


Celtic Harvest way, way back in 1996!  Who are those young people?

(Left to right- Kelly, Jim, Kathy, Mike and Jan)
In the dressing room at the Schwartz in 2006, one of the years where we were the whole show in March.

We need a new picture (although if you want to see many of them, go to Flickr), change in the composition of the band, time marches on.

More to come.